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AND I got a 40 out of 40 on my final paper which is 40% of the final grade!

I am so happy right now
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Happy Birthday BaeBae!

I missed my 8:30am anthropology discussion AGAIN today. Why? Because when you have a class at 8:30am only once a week, it does not stay in your mind. I always forget to go and the few times I have gone, I don't remember what happened because I was busy trying to stop my eyes from crossing.

How come I was able to spend 4 years getting up at 6 and travelling to the bronx every morning, but I can't get up at 8:25 once a week to go to my class that's across the street?

I had a dream last night and I don't remember what it was but I remember as I was waking up I thought I was in my own bed at home. I started to realize I was probably at binghamton but I wouldn't open my eyes because I didn't want to admit it and I was waiting for my mom to bring me soup because I have a cold. And I was convinced that my baby had to be sleeping next to me. But then I heard Ksenia's voice and Dara walking around in the living room and my mom wasn't coming with the soup and all that was next to me was a big body pillow so I got up.

The good part is, my class was cancelled so I had time to catch breakfast before it ends at 11 which I can never do otherwise.

The GREAT part is... dun dun dun, it's sarah bae's birthday!!!

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Session One:

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Just one more session and I'm done!
I never write in this thing anymore... I guess I don't really feel like starting up again.

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Italians are out of their minds. Living on francis lewis blvd is scary right now.

So I went home and put on my brother's French soccer jacket and walked down francis lewis just to see if they'd notice. I got about 10 "fuck you"s and a group of about 12 people started chanting "FUCK FRANCE" over and over as I walked by. I also got countless middle fingers thrown my way. It was way fun.

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4th of July, 2006
Don't you think it's ironic that the only time americans use the european format of saying the date is on indepedence day?

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Nana: I hope they don't think I stole their cutlery.
Mom: Why would you even think that unless you have a guilty conscience? Are you a klepto??
Nana: No! And if I were to steal something it wouldn't be cutlery.
Mom: What would it-
Nana: Jewelry, pearls!

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Such a detailed and depressing/terrifying dream. Part of me wishes I had a dream-recorder thing, the other part wants to forget it forever because it was horrible.